Why you shouldn't waste your money on hardware portable USB monitors

Many Options, Only One Perfect Solution

ASUS, AOC, DisplayLink there are a lot of options for USB powered monitors on the market.

If you're looking for that extra productivity boost on the road, it's tempting to buy one of these USB powered external monitors to display your work. Extra screen space is, without a doubt, useful and is often the first office luxury you miss when you're away from the desk.

However, these hardware portable monitors are a poor solution to the problem and are alarmingly expensive. Here's just a few reasons why you should steer clear of the USB-powered, portable monitor and instead choose Duet Display to transform your iPad into an on-the-go display.

Not THAT Portable

Oversized, bulky and plastic. A USB powered monitor is going to add weight to your travel bags. An AOC USB-powered monitor is over 50% HEAVIER than the heaviest iPad available. The USB portable monitor comes in last place, despite using plastic to reduce weight and missing the incredible tools and capability of the iPad.  
The average USB monitor is 5 times THICKER than the biggest iPad. Now when the monitor isn't plugged in you're stuck with a large and cumbersome paper weight.

Lag, Low Resolutions and Color Quality

USB external monitors have lower resolution screens than nearly all iPads dating back to the iPad 3 model released in the spring of 2012. What's the maximum resolution for an ASUS HD portable monitor? A low 1920 x 1080 pixels, not competitive with the High Resolution screens in our computers today. Meanwhile the legacy iPad 3 model can support up to 2048 x 1536 pixels.

It's not just the resolution capability of the monitor that is low quality, the color profiles are less vibrant causing a noticeable difference in clarity. See for yourself with this video review by the TWiT team of an AOC USB-powered monitor's poor color range and you can often see latency and delay in response times.

Expensive with Poor Functionality

A USB-powered display only does one thing and it doesn't do it well. If you're going to spend $100-$300 on a display, it should provide an excellent experience over software. That's not the case here. These monitors have major limitations built into the inferior hardware of the product.  

Thanks to the app world, we've seen dozens of physical products like cameras, phones, music players, scanners and webcams incorporated into the extremely powerful iPad. Duet Display is an app that takes that movement one step further by transforming your iPad into a second display.  

Using software to render an extra display onto your iPad via the USB to Lightning, USB to 30-pin connector, USB to USB-C, or USB-C to USB-C, Duet combines the speed of a native display with the superior image quality of the iPad plus the extra capabilities of the iPad's touch screen.

Being an app on the iPad expands the usefulness of Duet even more – you can multitask between apps on the iPad or use other apps with Duet in split screen mode for even more productivity.  

Simplify Your Life

Duet transforms the iPad into the best mobile display you can own, with a million more apps at your fingertips to solve your other problems – learn more on our homepage at duetdisplay.com

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