Mon Mac est coincé sur "Connect To Mac Or PC".

If you're having trouble using Duet, check below to see the most frequent questions users have – if you don't find your answer, please feel free to contact us at and we'll help sort out any issue.

Faites confiance à cet ordinateur ?

Does your Mac ask you to trust this computer on every connection even though you have already selected "Trust This Computer"? If so, this issue is caused by a bug on Apple's end. Apple's suggested fix is to restart your Mac and try again. Here's more info about about the bug from Apple's support: Many applications (including iTunes and XCode) are also affected by this bug.

Avez-vous la dernière application Mac ?

Please make sure you have the latest Mac app from

Délai de connexion

Sometimes Duet can't connect the first time, but unplugging and then replugging the USB should work.

Toujours pas de chance ? Nous sommes là pour vous aider !

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